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Kilnsey Angling Club Logo

Kilnsey Angling Club

Club Logo in front of a river
a drawing of a trout
A drawing of a trout

 Fine brown trout fishing in
the glorious landscape of
Upper Wharfedale 

“Kilnsey is the headquarters of one of the most famous angling clubs, and here since its foundation in 1840, a long line of anglers, good, bad and indifferent, have found recreation and renewed vigour in the free mountain breezes and the fresh pastoral scenery, as a pleasant foil to the worry of town life”.

T. E. Pritt 1888

wild trout swimming underwater

The Fishing

Day Tickets
Day tickets cost £35 and are available each morning between 09:30 -10:00 at the Cafe By The Lake, located within Kilnsey Park Estate.
The number of available tickets will be at the discretion of the Club’s representative having regard to the number of Members fishing that day.
Chest waders are not allowed & Guest or visitor tickets are not available for grayling fishing.

Our membership year runs from 1st January until 31st December and we welcome applications to join the club.
The current fees are £560 per year.

ripples on the water illustration
riverbank vegetation vector
riverbank reeds vector

Countdown to the end of the season

Kilnsey Park, Kilnsey, Skipton BD23 5PS

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