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The Fishing

The Fishing

The Club enjoys around 18 miles of fishing along the Wharfe, the Skirfare, Oughtershaw Beck, Greenfield Beck and Cray Gill, in what are some of the most wonderful landscapes in England.

The water below Kettlewell Bridge is stocked each year whilst the water above that point is not stocked. In the upper reaches the wild trout are generally (though not always) smaller and fishing for them can be very enjoyable, if sometimes challenging. Lower down, the fish tend to be larger, with the occasional specimen to be had for those with enough skill and guile to tempt one from its hiding place.


The private fishing enjoyed by Kilnsey Angling Club's members and day-ticket holders is divided into individual sections of water referred to as 'Beats'.

When fishing, one KAC member or ticket-holder has the right to fish per individual beat until 2.00pm. After 2.00pm, the angler is entitled to fish other beats but the normal courtesy must be given to other anglers already fishing a particular stretch of water. This ensures that every angler has their share of space, allowing the river to remain uncrowded in any one area.

When planning a day's fishing, members and ticket-holders must book a particular beat beforehand by attending the Cafe by the Lake between 9.00 and 10.00 am and putting their name on the Slate. If the angler arrives after 10.00am, the Slate will probably not be manned but will be available by the door to the Cafe by the Lake so the beats already taken can be seen. Below is a map which features the locations of the beats.

You can download and print off a map of the river showing the location of each beat, allowing you to find and explore each fishing location.

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Rules, Health & Safety

View Kilnsey Angling Club's rules, regulations and risk assessment here.

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