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Catch Returns

The catch returns process relies on every angler completing a form after each fishing visit.

This data will help underpin the club’s stocking strategy so members, guests and visitors please make every effort to submit your catch returns within 24 hours of fishing.  Please include whether the fish are wild or stocked. For 2021 and 2022 fish the return's instructions show the type of adipose fin clipping. This year none of the stock fish had adipose fins clipped but stock fish are usually obviously different from wild fish. Your best estimate for length and weight is fine, much better to release the fish in good condition. Several members have suggested it would be helpful to have a length to weight conversion table. If you click on this link it will take you to a useful PDF produced by Durham Fly Fishing for this purpose. There is a simple conversion table on the reverse of the membership card for normal condition fish.

The catch returns will be totalled up by beat and will inform the stocking strategy for next year.

Catch Return Instructions

These catch returns will be totalled up by beat and will help determine stocking volumes. It therefore goes without saying that if catches are not reported then it is unlikely that the beat will be re-stocked appropriately.

Our new on-line catch return form removes the requirement to download and then email a form. It works on mobiles and tablets as well. Simply fill in the required fields below and click 'Submit'.

Catch Return Form

Beat fished
Start Time (Approx.)
End Time (Aprox.)
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