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Day Tickets

Day tickets can be purchased online or on the day, between 9 am and 10 am, at the Café by the Lake, Kilnsey Park Estate, Kilnsey, Skipton, BD23 5PS at £35 each.

The club operates a beat system. Day ticket holders are allocated a beat and that beat is theirs to fish on the day.

Beats are allocated to day ticket holders at the Café by the Lake between 9.30 am and 10 am. Day ticket holders must attend to select their beat. This is a time-honoured system that ensures the smooth running of the fishing. It is also social gathering where visitors can meet of members of the Club. Flies can be purchased from our small but expertly tied range. These flies are all selected as appropriate to the river.

Anyone who has purchased a day ticket online arriving after 10 am must go to the Café by the Lake and look at the Slate by the front door to see which beats have been taken. Visitors can then select from the beats that are free and should write their name against the appropriate beat. Beat maps are available online on this website.

The online purchase of day tickets is limited to 2 per day. Further tickets may be available on the day at the Café by the Lake.

Only waist waders and thigh waders are allowed. If you only have chest waders, then please roll these down to waist height.

After fishing, please complete the online catch return. Nil returns are required.

By purchasing day tickets, you agree that you:

  • Have a valid EA rod licence

  • Agree to adhere to the fishing regulations

  • Agree to complete a catch return after fishing

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